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2020 Bucket List Tour

one week photography tours from Aug 2 through Sept 12

Alaska_Sept_2019_Polar Bears_191.jpg

This is an action-packed week is designed to have you experience and photograph some of Alaska most exciting events - events that you may have been dreaming about your whole life.

See below for the day by day breakdown of the incredible week!


Day 1:

Arrive and meet out group. Followed quickly by getting outdoors to some of Anchorage’s wildlife hotspots.


Day 2 :

Journey by floatplane and land on the famous Crescent Lake in Lake Clark National Park. We will then transfer to boat where you can see the salmon running and get incredibly close (and safely) to the plentiful brown bears.


Day 3:

Fly by floatplane over the stunning fields, valleys, mountains and volcanos of Katmai National Park until landing on Naknek Lake. After a short stroll we will spend the day at the most famous bear viewing waterfall in the world, Brooks Falls, where you can stand just a few feet from wild brown bears sitting side by side snagging salmon out of the air or sitting in “jacuzzis” trapping salmon under their paws as they load up for the winter.


Day 4:

Fly through the incredible Denali Mountain Range on a flight seeing trip you will never forget. Ascend from the glacier fed Susitna river, over the jagged granite cliffs, over multiple sublime glacier flows, and circle the snowcapped peaks before landing on the glacier basecamp for those attempting to ascend the Denali’s summit.


Day 5:

Experience a day in Denali. Denali isn’t Alaska’s most famous park for no reason. It’s dynamic landscapes are packed with wildlife. You can either choose to take the whole driving loop to the famous Wonderlake, or you can hop off at several points and take any number of spectacular hikes where you might find brown bears, black bears, lynx, moose, caribou, Dall sheep, and so many other little creatures!

Alaska_Aug 2019_Denali Highway_004.jpg

Day 6 :

Check off a trip into the Arctic Circle when we fly over and land to experience some of America’s most remote national parks with potential to see massive herds of migrating caribou among the other endless eye-popping beauty. This day wraps up with a drop off at Serpentine Hot Springs in the Bering Landbridge National Preserve where we will stay overnight at a camp.


Day 7:

Pick up and wrap up. On the final day of the tour, we’ll get picked up (obviously) at Serpentine Hot Springs and make our way back to Fairbanks. Hug, share our epic stories over and over hahahaha and then say good bye!!!


Optional Day 8:

Polar Bears. Enough said. Marvel at their incredible size and specialized adaptations to the environment from the safety of a boat as they stroll around, feed, play and sleep on the beaches of the Arctic Sea as they wait for the ice to freeze. Fly to the northern coast of Alaska for the excursion based out of the native village will no doubt never be forgotten.

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Alaska_Sept_2019_Polar Bears_118 1.jpg

This tour is led by ICS founder, Scott MacDonough.