Trump's putting bears, wolves and elephants in the crosshairs of trophy hunters.

Yellowstone's grizzlies had been safe from trophy hunters for the past 40 years. But last summer Trump stripped them of their Endangered Species Act protection. Now state officials in Wyoming are dead set on letting trophy hunters gun down up to 24 grizzlies if they wander out of the national park. More than half of them could be females, including those pregnant with cubs.

No wild creature should ever be caught in the crosshairs of an AR-15. It's all part of a trigger-happy culture that fetishizes the thrill-killing of endangered wildlife.

It has to end.  

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MY DREAM FOR ANIMALS, founded by a good friend, George Speros, is an animal rights awareness non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of how human activities affect animals throughout the world, and to provide ideas on how individuals can take action and improve the lives of animals. Their first initiative is to develop interactive education programs that provoke thought and conversations about what we can do together to impact change. MDFA profiles people and organizations that are doing tremendous work on behalf of animals, as well as showcasing the magnificence, beauty and intelligence of the animal world.


Bonobos are the world's least-recognized great ape, and humanity's closest living relative. This endangered species lives exclusively in Africa's Congo Basin, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Only an estimated 15,000 bonobos remain in the wild – poaching and habitat loss are pushing them to the brink of extinction.


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Lek Chailert is the real deal.  I met her recently at the "Love and Bananas" movie premiere.  Her energy is pure and radiant.  She is doing wonderful things for elephants and animals of southeast Asia, but she can only do so much without your help.  

Please click on the link and find out more about her organization Save Elephant Foundation and see what you can do to get involved  :)

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Great white sharks have a "hidden life" that is becoming a lot less hidden thanks to a scientific expedition that has been years in the making.

Scientists used to think the apex predators moved up and down the western coast of North America, snacking in waters with lots of food close to shore. Almost 20 years ago, Stanford marine biologist Barbara Block started putting tags on the sharks that could track their movements.

She and other researchers noticed something surprising — the tags showed that the sharks were moving away from these food-rich waters and heading more than a thousand miles off the coast of Baja California in Mexico.

Satellite images suggested the area was an ocean desert, a place with very little life.

The mystery of what was drawing the sharks to this strange place set new research into motion.

"We wanted to know if there was a hidden oasis that was formed by the currents that we couldn't see from space," Block said.


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HONG KONG — Hundreds of turtles, dolphins and whales become stranded every year on Thailand’s beaches after plastic impedes their mobility or clogs their insides. Some are lifeless on arrival, biologists say, and their deaths barely register with the public.

But the survival of a pilot whale that washed ashore in southern Thailand last week, in critical condition and with a belly full of black plastic bags, became a cause célèbre for ordinary people. And its death a few days later was a vivid reminder of a staggering global problem: plastics in the oceans and seas.