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L O G L I N E 


Join the International Creature Society’s Ambassador to Humans, Scott Mac Donough, on an epic journey around the world  in the quest to meet obscure animals to celebrate the world’s biodiversity and their unique personalities.  Scott will embed himself into their habitats to learn of their struggles to survive and what humans can do to help preserve their existences.  




This is an adventure documentary series which will follow Scott across all seven continents, as well as the Arctic, encountering not only the more well known animals of the kingdom but also seek out intriguing, obscure animals that surround them that complete a balanced ecosystem.  He will travel through rural environments and into habitats beyond the edges of humantity.  Scott will endure extreme conditions, experiencing these terrains to understand which environments are best for these animals and why. 

The doom, gloom, and guilting messages of conservation have desensitized people and they've tuned out. This series highlights conservation in a FUN way! Humor and spontaneity will help deliver the series primary objective: getting people to appreciate the world’s biodiversity, to understand how long it took to evolve and has done so in balance, how it maintains equilibrium - and become excited about preserving it. Creatures that have evolved over millions of years appear to be disappearing in front of our eyes.  Though many animals covered in this series are exotic to us, Scott makes the point that each of the animals is common to the humans living within their habitat.  This awareness encourages everyone to appreciate the importance of preserving their local wildlife..’

 F O R M A T

 Each show will consist of a SET UP, an ADVENTURE, a DISCOVERY, a CONNECTION to a local human population and wrap with a CALL TO ACTION - specific engagements or contributions a viewer could realistically respond to immediately.

 T H E S E T U P


Each destination will require unique technical abilities and offer challenging conditions Scott will need to train for, gaining new skills and acclimating to new environments. This may mean learning to sail, climb, hold his breath longer, or confront his fear of heights.

 M E N T A L P R E P A R A T I O N


 Scott will outline the challenges he expects ahead. In some cases his preparation will turn out to be critical - but in others it might prove entirely unnecessary or hilariously misguideded. He is also a big advocate for the mental control required in situations of challenge or extreme discomfort like the one shown above.



Scott will seek the company of local guides and specialists within each community. He may be advised by scientists or specialists behind the scenes but will focus on native knowledge of the local people. This is also a first hand opportunity for him to learn how people and animals coexist in their shared environment.

A D V E N T U R E :

 E X P L O R I N G T H E S U B L I M E


Each episode will contain elements of extreme adventure, heightened by the awe of nature- raw, wild and inherently sublime.

D I S C O V E R Y :

 C R E A T U R E S U N K N O W N


Though some of the journeys may contain some of the more well known animals of the world, the focus on its obscure, weird, odd animals, thereby emphasizing the beauty and complexity of evolution and drawing attention to the vast scales of time across which adaptations develop.

 C O N N E C T W I T H T H E A N I M A L S


Scott believes it’s his confident, calm and non-threatening energy that’s allowed him to be in the presence of wild animals. He will be attempting to spend time with them closely- but always safely and with respect. Sometimes animals want nothing to do with him, but there is something to be learned from that as well. Experiencing the presence of animals is a way to connect with their being and sentience, to better understand them, their behaviors, and their needs. Visually relaying this intimate experience to other humans can ignite their desire to help.

 C O N N E C T W I T H T H E L O C A L S


Every animal is a local animal to some community, so Scott feels that their well-being is determined by these communities. What are the lifestyles, and needs of these communities, and how can they benefit from conservation?

 C A L L T O A C T I O N


What can we do from the comfort of our homes? What relevance do these exotic animals have to our lives here? While maintaining a light, positive energy, Scott will wrap up each episode by tying in these considerations. The goal is conservation and Scott believes each of us contributes to it, either positively or negatively. Collectively the small decisions we make add up. So what can we do to have a positive impact on animals’ well being? Is it possible for us to all survive on this planet together? ANIMALS ARE STILL HOPING WE WILL HELP!